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Colorful Area

 Pass through the Time Area to continue on to the Colorful Area that Michinoku Park is proud of, with a design using water and 100,000 flowering plants.
 In huge flower beds of 7,000m2 in area, different flowers are planted for each season (e.g., tulips and pansies for spring, and marigold and scarlet sage for summer), so the area presents a different appearance according to the season.
 The stream (cascade) flowing through the middle of the area is lined up with Mt. Kamafusa and Mt. Fubo (the Zao mountain range), both of which can be closely seen from the high platform near Fubo Falls.
Colorful Area Colorful Area

Colorful Yakata Cafe

Colorful Yakata Cafe serves takoyaki dumplings, pancakes, curry rice and other light meals.
Colorful Yakata Cafe
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Light mealLight meal      
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